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Our Summer 21 Styles

This summer means a lot for so many people. Maybe it's the first time in a long time you feel 70% comfortable leaving the house. Maybe it's the summer you get to reunite with friends and family for a trip that has been long overdue. Maybe it's just time you can finally feel at ease while you lay out in the park with a cup of champagne and watch a summer concert.

For us, this summer is special. And we want you to feel special as you get back out there doing the things you love. Personally, for full-chested ladies it's a lot of summer styles that are hard or uncomfortable to wear due to lack of support. Think of the last time you wanted to wear a backless top, a skinny strapped tank, a crop top. Our goal was to make these things with your needs in mind. 


The Peep

A backless dress that we all can wear, yep it's real. We love the Peep because it was made with thought and an emphasis on functionality. This slip dress still comes equipped with the boob pocket for support, even though it is backless. It comes in a stretch, Charmeuse like fabric, with a fit that that accentuates the curves without being skin tight. It debuts in a beautiful peach color, but we're sure there will be more colors to drop in this one! 


The Lift Crop

We asked many customers what they wanted for summer and by far, the most popular answer was a crop top. If you ask, you shall receive. This v-neck crop top can be dressed up or down, and is the most versatile piece we've made to date. It comes with adjustable straps that can be used to alter coverage, and a stretch nylon material that allows for a smooth finish. The cups are deep, allowing for space to fit large busts in a way that is still supportive and comfortable. This will for sure be a fave. 


The Lift Tank

The Lift Tank is the centerpiece of all things Buzzoms. We've received rave reviews about the fit, support and functionality of this tank top so it was only right to make it in the most requested color which was white. The same fit and style as the original Lift Tank, this tank top has a new boob pocket with a power mesh finish. The inner finish allows for even more comfortable, un-compromised support from this staple style.


The Body Dress

If the Lift Tank is the centerpiece, then the Body Dress is the queen! This dress will be back this summer in black and a new color that we'll be revealing very soon. Now equipped with the boob pocket after listening to your feedback, the Body Dress comes in a beautiful textured fabric with a corset-like waist that emphasizes all of the parts of our bodies we love.


In addition, all these lovely items were made right here in NYC. We'll be opening up for pre sale on June 30th - with no charges to you until your item ships. Let's make this summer one to remember. 

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